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Legal Action Taken Against UK’s Shayan Ali, PTI Activist, in Islamabad

  1. FIR includes Sara Mir, Imran Khalil, Adil Raja.
  2. Intent: Generate fear, insecurity (FIR).
  3. FIR: Shayan’s terrorism acts for political gains.

ISLAMABAD – The Islamabad police have taken action against Shayan Ali, a UK-based social media activist affiliated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, by filing a case against him at Ramna Police Station under anti-terrorism laws. The case has been registered following allegations of harassment and anti-judicial activities carried out by Shayan Ali in London.

According to the first information report (FIR), Shayan Ali is accused of harassing a judicial officer in London and producing videos targeting him. The FIR indicates that an attempt was made to assault the judicial officer, but he was protected by a security official.

The FIR was filed by Nasir Iqbal, the Station House Officer (SHO) of Ramna Police Station. The report cites various video clips shared on social media platforms as evidence against Shayan Ali. One of these viral videos captured Shayan’s statement in which he threatened to make the life of the judicial officer unbearable. This incident took place when the judicial officer was participating in a training session at a educational institution in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this month, a video emerged showing Ali involved in an incident with Additional District and Sessions Judge Humayun Dilawar. The judge had previously sentenced former Prime Minister Imran Khan for charges related to concealment of assets and corrupt practices. Shayan, along with other PTI activists, protested against Judge Dilawar at Hull University, where the judge was attending a human rights and rule of law program.

The university, however, clarified that the selection of judges for the program was the responsibility of Pakistani courts and the university had no role in the selection process.

The FIR also highlights another video in which Shayan and his team were seen at an airport terminal holding a placard with the name of the judicial officer. In this video, they threatened to hold the judicial officer accountable and vowed to follow him to his training institution. The FIR alleges that Shayan called on fellow Pakistanis to join him in making the judicial officer’s life miserable.

Additionally, the FIR raises concerns about his actions inside the educational institution. It is reported that he chased the judicial officer and recorded videos of various judicial officers, including female officers, without their consent. Shayan’s behavior was described as potentially having “nefarious designs.”

The FIR concludes by stating that his activities, along with those of PTI activists Sara Mir Gilgati, Imran Khalil, and Adil Farooq Raja, were aimed at intimidating and coercing Pakistani authorities, particularly judicial officers, to influence their decisions for the benefit of a political party. These actions were deemed to obstruct the duties of judicial officers and to create a sense of fear and insecurity in society.

The FIR accuses Shayan Ali of committing acts of terrorism, glorifying terrorist activities, and obstructing a judge in the performance of his duties. It also implicates other PTI activists for aiding and abetting in these activities.

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The case highlights the challenges posed by social media activism and online harassment, and it underscores the importance of respecting the rule of law and maintaining civil discourse even in the context of political protests and disagreements.


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