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Leaking someone’s personal data in Pakistan may result in a penalty of 50 Crores

In a bid to safeguard individuals’ privacy and personal information, Pakistan has introduced the “Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023,” which promises strict penalties for those found leaking or misusing someone’s personal data without consent. The Federal Cabinet has given its approval to this significant legislation, which seeks to control the collection, usage, and sharing of personal data, ensuring the safety and security of citizens in the digital age.

Under the provisions of the bill, individuals or organizations caught leaking personal data may face hefty fines, which could soar up to a staggering amount of 50 Crores in Pakistani rupees. To put this into perspective, this amounts to over $2 million in international currency. The severity of these penalties emphasizes the government’s commitment to protecting the private information of its citizens.

The new law is a response to the increasing concern over data breaches and unauthorized sharing of personal information, which have become prevalent with the rapid advancement of technology. The bill aims to instill confidence in individuals, encouraging them to participate in online activities, such as e-commerce and digital transactions, without fearing data misuse.

To ensure effective implementation, the government will establish the National Commission for Personal Data Protection (NCPDP) within six months of the bill’s enforcement. This body will play a pivotal role in monitoring and enforcing data protection measures, holding violators accountable, and educating the public about their rights concerning personal data.


Moreover, the bill is designed to align with global and regional data protection laws, promoting international cooperation in safeguarding personal data. By adhering to international standards, Pakistan can collaborate with other countries in addressing data breaches and enhancing the security of cross-border data exchanges.

The new legislation is not only aimed at protecting adults but also emphasizes safeguarding the personal data of children, who are often more vulnerable to privacy infringements. By establishing clear guidelines and penalties, the bill acts as a deterrent to individuals or entities that may attempt to exploit the personal data of minors.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through digital platforms, the need to protect personal data has become paramount. This bill, with its stringent penalties, will encourage organizations and individuals to adopt responsible practices when handling personal information.

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The “Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023,” marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s efforts to safeguard the privacy and security of its citizens. With heavy fines of up to 50 Crores in place for data leakers, the bill emphasizes the seriousness of data protection and aims to create a safe digital environment for everyone. By aligning with global data protection standards, Pakistan seeks to play its part in the international effort to combat data breaches and ensure that personal data remains protected from unauthorized access and misuse.


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