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Khawar Maneka Says, Imran Khan Ruined His ‘Happily Married Life’ with Bushra Bibi

Khawar Maneka, the former spouse of Bushra Bibi, revealed startling details about his divorce and Imran Khan’s third marriage.

During an interview with a private TV channel, Maneka asserted that Imran Khan disrupted his happy 28-year marriage with Bushra under the excuse of Piri-Muridi, referring to a spiritual guide-follower relationship.

Maneka supported allegations that Imran and Bushra’s marriage occurred before the completion of Iddat, the mandatory isolation period for a divorced woman in Islam. According to Maneka, Bushra married Imran a month and a half after their divorce in November 2017. Imran officially married Bushra in January 2018, but pictures of their wedding were released on February 18, 2018.

Maneka claimed that Imran would come to his home without getting his “consent” and that he was unhappy about his ex-wife’s interactions with the PTI leader. Maneka recalled one such visit during which he used domestic assistance to force the PTI chief out of his home.

Providing the context for Imran and Bushra’s first encounter, Maneka revealed that Bushra had met Imran through her sister Maryam Wattoo at an Islamabad protest sit-in.

Maneka alleged that Bushra would secretly communicate with Imran using a phone number provided by Farah Gogi at Imran’s request. He further claimed that Bushra would meet Imran at their residence in Bani Gala without his approval.

Regarding their divorce, Maneka stated that Bushra initiated the separation six months before her marriage to Imran. Despite his efforts, she refused to return after going to her house in Pakpattan city. Maneka recounted receiving a text message from Farah asking him to grant a divorce to Bushra. He then sent the divorce papers to her through Farah on November 14, 2017.

In a surprising turn, Maneka revealed that Farah and Zulfi Bukhari, a close aide to Imran Khan, approached him, urging him to alter the divorce date on the papers and stay silent because “Imran Khan wants to become the prime minister.


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