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JUI-F Leader Hafiz Hamdullah Injured in Mastung Blast

MASTUNG: In a distressing incident on Thursday, Hafiz Hamdullah, a prominent leader from the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F), sustained injuries in a blast that occurred in Mastung, Balochistan.

Initial reports suggest that the explosion took place in close proximity to a vehicle, resulting in injuries to Hafiz Hamdullah and several others who were present at the scene. The incident prompted a swift response from the local police, who cordoned off the affected area to secure it.

Abdul Razzaq Sasoli, the Deputy Commissioner of Mastung, confirmed that multiple individuals were injured in the blast. Among the injured, three individuals, including Hafiz Hamdullah, were swiftly transported to a hospital located in Quetta. The injured JUI-F leader received preliminary medical treatment in Mastung before being transferred to the provincial capital for further care.

Thankfully, officials have reported that Hafiz Hamdullah’s condition is stable, and he is currently out of danger.

JUI-F spokesperson Aslam Ghauri provided updates on Hafiz Hamdullah’s condition, stating that while he sustained injuries, they are not life-threatening. Ghauri also mentioned that two of Hafiz Hamdullah’s party colleagues and his security personnel were among those injured, and their conditions are also stable.

Ghauri disclosed that Hafiz Hamdullah was en route from Quetta to Kalat when the attack occurred, and he expressed a lack of information regarding the exact nature of the blast.

A spokesperson from the local health department indicated that all 11 individuals injured in the incident were taken to the Shaheed Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani Memorial Hospital in Mastung. Regrettably, one of the injured individuals is reported to be in critical condition.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) for Mastung confirmed that a total of 11 people, including Hafiz Hamdullah, were harmed by the blast. Investigations into the exact nature and cause of the explosion are currently underway.

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from political figures across the country. Balochistan’s caretaker Home Minister, Capt (retd) Muhammad Zubair Jamali, called on the relevant authorities to provide a detailed report on the blast. Meanwhile, Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), expressed his condemnation of the attack and offered prayers for the swift recovery of the injured individuals, emphasizing the need for justice against the terrorists and their collaborators.

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Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani also strongly condemned the explosion, urging the apprehension of those responsible for the Mastung blast. Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori labeled the blast as a conspiracy aimed at disrupting law and order in Pakistan, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.


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