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Judge’s Wife Arrested on Court Orders in Rizwana Torture Case

Somia Asim, the wife of a judicial officer who is a key figure in the Rizwana torture case involving a teenage domestic worker, has been taken into custody. This move came after the Islamabad District Court denied her request for bail.

The court was previously addressing the pre-arrest bail plea of Somia Asim, the spouse of an administrative officer from the Islamabad Judicial Complex, who stands as the primary suspect in the shocking case of alleged abuse against Rizwana, the young domestic worker. Additional District and Sessions Judge Farrukh Fareed firmly rejected Somia’s bail application, ordering her immediate arrest.

The presiding judge emphasized the obligation for the suspect to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation. Responding to these developments, Somia’s legal representative claimed that the accusations against her were fabricated and asserted her innocence.

However, there are compelling pieces of evidence supporting the claims of abuse. Rizwana’s medical report has yet to be challenged by Somia Asim’s legal team. The prosecutor, Waqas, pointed out the severity of the injuries sustained by the young victim, emphasizing that no parent should inflict such harm upon their child. The court was made aware of the numerous injuries, including those on Rizwana’s skull, eyes, cheek, lips, and back, as well as her ribs.

The prosecutor further emphasized that, according to the law, employing a minor girl is a crime. Given the severity of the allegations, the court denied bail to Somia Asim, in accordance with the principle that strong arguments against a woman’s involvement in a crime may preclude bail.

In light of the evidence presented, questions were raised about why Somia Asim did not report the alleged blackmailing to the authorities if it were indeed a motive behind the alleged abuse. The prosecutor also highlighted the necessity of identifying the weapon or instruments used in the abuse to establish a stronger case.

Somia’s legal team questioned the need for her arrest, asserting her willingness to cooperate with the investigation. However, the complainant argued against extending bail to repeat offenders, emphasizing the importance of justice for the victim.

The defense also pointed out that key witnesses who could shed light on the incident had not been interviewed by the investigating officer. There were claims that the alleged abuse against Rizwana had been orchestrated and misrepresented.

The legal proceedings brought to light the fact that Rizwana had been seen eating mud, causing an allergic reaction. It was revealed that medication had been administered for the allergy, supported by a pharmacy receipt.

Despite the claims and counterclaims, Rizwana’s mother remained steadfast in her pursuit of justice. She expressed her determination to seek redress for the wrongs inflicted upon her daughter, reiterating that monetary compensation would not deter her from her quest for justice.

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The case raises important questions about the treatment of domestic workers and the responsibility of those who employ them. The court proceedings will further clarify the events leading up to Rizwana’s injuries and the extent of her suffering.

As the legal process unfolds, it is crucial to ensure that justice prevails and that the rights of all parties involved are respected. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the well-being of vulnerable individuals, especially children who may be subjected to abuse or exploitation.


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