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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce Takes Unexpected Turn

The divorce between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken an unexpected turn as Sophie shares new details about their separation. The couple, known for their glamorous appearances and public displays of affection, found themselves in a heated argument on Joe’s birthday, which fell on August 15.

Before the birthday dispute, Sophie had shared a heartwarming picture with Joe, in which she was seen kissing his hand. The caption read, ‘long, long New York nights.’ On the same day, Sophie posted another picture featuring them in matching pajamas and wrote ‘Happy birthday handsome.’ Joe’s birthday posts, on the other hand, were photographs of him with friends and family, with no mention of Sophie.

According to reports, Sophie Turner described the sudden breakdown of their marriage as a shock. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have both accused one another in their individual cases. Joe blames Sophie for neglecting their children, while Sophie alleges that Joe is refusing to hand over their daughters’ passports, preventing them from returning to their new home in England.

Sophie Turner has taken legal action to regain custody of their children and has requested their ‘immediate return.’ What’s more, she claims that she learned about the divorce proceedings through media reports just four days after their August 15 argument. The couple had originally planned to move from Miami to London before their split.

In response to these allegations, Joe Jonas disputes Sophie’s claims of ‘abduction,’ asserting that their children are American citizens since they were born in the United States. He seeks shared parenting arrangements and is open to the idea of their children being raised in both the U.S. and the UK.

Recently, Sophie shared a dinner with pop sensation Taylor Swift in New York City. This display of support and girl power comes as Sophie navigates life post-divorce from Joe Jonas. It’s worth noting that Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift had a brief relationship in 2008, which ended over the phone.


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