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Israeli Forces Enter Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been going on for 40 days. Recently, Israeli forces searched al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, firing on people trying to leave the hospital corridor, previously declared safe. Three infants died as the hospital goes out of service, the health official reports.

The director of the largest hospital in Gaza has issued a warning: as Israeli weapons bombards the surrounding streets and the facility’s remaining fuel reserves run out, premature babies are being wrapped in foil and placed next to hot water in a desperate attempt to keep them alive in “catastrophic” conditions.
The infants at the Al-Shifa hospital were forced to be manually moved from their incubators in the maternity section to another area of the hospital after oxygen supplies ran out, and staff members were trying to keep the babies warm and alive. A reporter inside the hospital reported that individuals were confined there because they were too afraid to leave because of the intense fighting.

Water, food, and milk for infants and kids are no longer available, informed by Dr. Muhammad Abu Salmiya, the medical center’s director, that the situation in the hospital is terrible.

The Gaza health ministry reported over 11,240 Palestinian deaths, and Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are holding more than 239 hostages, including foreign nationals. The IDF took control of the al-Shati refugee camp and accused Hamas of using it as a main infrastructure center.

While international calls for a ceasefire increase, U.S. President Joe Biden expressed optimism about the release of hostages held by Hamas. The IDF released names of officers killed in Gaza, and Israel approved 24,000 liters of diesel for UN operations.

IDF claimed control of Hamas government institutions in civilian neighborhoods and assessed that Hamas held Israeli hostages beneath Al-Shifa Hospital. The IDF spokesperson mentioned the offer to move incubators to Al-Shifa hospital and strikes on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency) faces a fuel shortage, risking hospitals in southern Gaza. Lack of internet connection hinders the health ministry from publishing current data on the death toll. The IDF announced the death of Israeli soldier Noa Marciano in Hamas captivity.

Peace activist Vivian Silver, kidnapped by Hamas, was confirmed killed in her home set on fire. Hamas may wait for better conditions to release hostages. Families of hostages marched in Tel Aviv, demanding a full release.

In the West Bank, Israeli raids resulted in at least 10 Palestinian deaths. Near Hebron, a Palestinian was shot and killed by the IDF for reportedly attempting to stab a soldier.


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