Thursday, June 20, 2024
Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Israel Deploys 100,000 Reserve Troops Near Gaza

After the country’s security cabinet officially declared war on Hamas, Israeli forces started pounding Gaza.

Israeli forces are engaged in a conflict with the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza. Israel’s security cabinet officially declared this war and mobilized around 100,000 reserve troops.

The Israeli military wants to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities. Additionally, they are attempting to track down and kill any surviving Palestinian fighters who have entered southern Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that this conflict could be long and challenging. It began with a surprise attack by Hamas, involving rocket fires.

The conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides. More than 700 Israelis and at least 413 Palestinians have died, with widespread destruction in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes.

According to the UN organization, 123,538 Palestinians have been displaced in Gaza as a result of Israeli airstrikes and shelling that targeted homes and apartment buildings.

According to the latest information from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, many people who were forced to evacuate their houses are finding refuge in the 64 schools located in the coastal enclave.

The United States is providing additional support to Israel, including weapons and resources, and has deployed an aircraft carrier and warships to the region.

Hamas views this U.S. aid as aggression against Palestinians. The conflict has international repercussions, with citizens from various countries affected, and it has also led to a rise in oil prices.

Hamas captured over 100 Israeli citizens and took them into Gaza. Hezbollah, a Lebanese group, launched attacks from the north, leading to Israeli retaliation with artillery strikes.

Western nations have condemned Hamas’s attack, while Israel’s adversaries have praised it. Pro-Palestinian protests occurred in various countries, and some nations increased security around Jewish institutions.

Iran has denied having any part in the unheard-of assaults carried out by Hamas inside of Israel.

Iran’s envoy to the UN issued a statement saying, “We categorically stand in unwavering support of Palestine, but we are not involved in Palestine’s response as it is taken solely by Palestine itself.”

According to the statement, “Palestine’s determined actions constitute a wholly legitimate defense against seven decades of oppressive occupation and heinous crimes committed by the illegitimate Zionist regime.”

Hamas referred to its attack as “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” and called on resistance fighters in the West Bank and other Arab and Islamic nations to join the battle. Many Gaza residents remain determined to defend their land.


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