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In India, a Class 8 student was beaten to death by teachers for incomplete homework

In a shocking and distressing incident that occurred in India, a young class 8 student lost his life after being subjected to brutal beatings by his teachers for failing to complete his homework.

The victim, identified as Krishna Chauhan, endured physical punishment on the 12th of July when he arrived at school with incomplete homework. Despite the family’s clear instructions against any form of physical abuse, the teachers callously ignored their pleas. The instructors involved in this heart-wrenching incident were Akbar Khan and Sonu Shrivastav. They subjected Krishna to a painful and humiliating punishment called the ‘human chicken’, while also repeatedly hitting him with a stick, causing significant harm and suffering.

Upon returning home that day, Krishna collapsed and began vomiting, causing great concern among his family. Immediately, they rushed him to the hospital on the same day, hoping for his swift recovery. However, the injuries inflicted on him were severe, and he fought for his life for four days until the tragic morning of Sunday, 16th July, when he sadly succumbed to his injuries.

In response to this horrifying and senseless act of violence, a case has been filed against the teachers under IPC Section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) and the Juvenile Justice Act Section 75. The grieving parents bravely lodged a complaint with the police, leading to the initiation of legal action against the perpetrators.

This devastating incident is not an isolated one. According to a report by Plan International, an organization that focuses on children’s rights, over 65 percent of the surveyed children claimed to have experienced some form of physical punishment, with many of them attending state-run schools. This heartbreaking incident has reignited calls for stricter enforcement of regulations to safeguard children from such brutal and inhumane treatment in educational institutions across India.

Physical punishment, which includes hitting, caning, or any form of violence towards children, is not only harmful but also a violation of their fundamental rights. Children are entitled to a safe and nurturing environment in schools, where their well-being and growth should be prioritized above all else.

The incident also raises concerns about the need for better teacher training and support systems in schools. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping young minds, and it is essential to equip them with effective disciplinary methods that do not resort to violence.

The responsibility to create a safe and supportive educational environment lies not only with the teachers and school authorities but also with the government and society as a whole. There is a pressing need for widespread awareness campaigns and sensitization programs that educate teachers, parents, and students about the harmful effects of physical punishment and promote alternative methods of discipline.

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Furthermore, the education system should encourage open communication channels between students, teachers, and parents, fostering an environment where concerns can be addressed promptly and constructively.

In conclusion, the tragic incident of Krishna Chauhan losing his life due to the barbaric actions of his teachers is a wake-up call for all of us. It reminds us of the urgent need to eradicate physical punishment from our educational institutions. Let us unite and work together to create a nurturing and safe environment for all children, where they can learn, grow, and thrive without fear of violence or harm. Only then can we truly claim to provide a bright future for our young generations.


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