Thursday, November 30, 2023
Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Gold price goes up by Rs5600 per tola in Pakistan

Islamabad: The gold price on Saturday increased by Rs5,600 per tola in the local markets amid sky-rocketing inflation.

The latest reports suggested that the gold per tole new price reached 207, 500 after the latest increase in the local markets.

The Pakistani people mostly rely on the imports to meet their demands of the yellow metal.

According to the data shared by the traders, the price 24-karat gold also rose by Rs4,801, soaring to Rs177,898 from Rs173,097, whereas the price of 10 grams 22-karat gold jumped to Rs163,073 from Rs158,672.

On Friday, the global markets also maintained the upward trend  as it went up by $58 and the new price went up to $1, 997 per ounce as compared to a day before price of $1, 939 .

The price of per tola silver also rose by Rs20 and reached Rs2,200, whereas ten-gram silver surged by Rs17.15 to Rs1,903.29.


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