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Gigi Hadid Is ‘Having Fun’ with Bradley Cooper

Gigi Hadid, who is 28 years old, and Bradley Cooper, who is 48, surprised everyone with a dinner date in New York City. This happened a few months after Gigi ended her relationship with Bradley’s close friend, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gigi was dressed in a tan mini skirt and a white cropped vest, wearing a black leather jacket. She also had white socks and brogues, and her hair was in a bun. Later, they were seen returning to New York after a weekend trip.

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The interesting part is that Gigi and Bradley got together after Bradley’s ex, Irina Shayk, introduced them. Irina and Gigi had been friends for a while, and they introduced Bradley and Gigi to each other. They had hung out in social gatherings before, but this time things became more serious. They both have daughters, and they connected over that. Bradley asked Gigi out, and she was interested. It’s a new relationship and not very serious at the moment.

Gigi has a 3-year-old daughter with her ex, Zayn Malik, and Bradley has a 6-year-old daughter with Irina named Lea De Seine. Irina is also rumored to be dating Tom Brady, but she’s still interested in a more serious relationship with Bradley.

Bradley is very excited about this new relationship. He thinks Gigi is his type, and he hasn’t been this excited about someone in a long time. This has made Gigi’s ex, Zayn Malik, a bit upset, but he’s learning to accept the situation and focus on taking care of himself and his daughter. According to a source, “He is learning to accept the reality that he needs to move forward and take care of himself while putting his daughter first, and doing what’s best for their family,”.

Gigi appreciates Bradley’s sobriety, and her family, including her mom and sister, are supportive of this new relationship. They believe Bradley could be a good fit for her and want her to be happy.


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