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Ghanaian Priest’s Marriage to 12-Year-Old Sparks Outrage and Debate

A 63-year-old priest in Ghana has caused anger by marrying a 12-year-old girl. The girl was chosen to be his wife when she was only six years old. The priest, also called a Gborbu Wulomo, named Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru XXXIII, married the girl in a traditional ceremony in Nungua, Krowor.

While many outsiders criticize the marriage, local community leaders defend it, saying that it’s part of their customs and traditions. They explain that the girl, named ‘Naa Okromo,’ is seen as part of the priest’s authority. According to tradition, the priest must take a customary wife once he assumes his role.

The girl still has more rituals to complete before the marriage is fully recognized. She will undergo a second ceremony focused on ‘purification,’ which is believed to prepare her for her duties as the priest’s wife, including having children.

Videos of the wedding show many community members attending, but the marriage has sparked outrage among Ghanaians. Some are calling for the marriage to be annulled and for an investigation into the priest.

Leaders of the Nungua indigenous community, defend the marriage, saying it’s purely traditional. They argue that the criticism comes from ignorance of their customs.

The girl’s education has not been affected by the marriage process, according to community leaders. The priest, as a Gborbu Wulomo, holds a high position in the community, performing spiritual duties and leading traditional ceremonies.

The Ghanaian government has not responded to the controversy. Child marriage is illegal in Ghana, with the legal minimum age for marriage being 18. However, it still occurs in some areas and communities, with over two million child brides in the country, according to UNICEF data.


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