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‘General elections should be held on November 6’, President Alvi

In an attempt to resolve the ongoing controversy surrounding the timing of Pakistan’s general elections, President Arif Alvi has proposed a specific date for the elections. In a letter addressed to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), President Alvi asserted his authority to determine the election date as per Article 48(5) of the Constitution.

President Alvi’s letter emphasized that Article 48(5) grants him the power to appoint an election date within 90 days from the dissolution of the assemblies. The letter quoted this constitutional provision, stating, “In terms of Article 48(5), the general election to the National Assembly should be held by the eighty-ninth day of the date of dissolution of the National Assembly, i.e., Monday, the 6th day of November 2023.”

This proposal comes amid growing uncertainty and disagreements over when the general elections should take place. Political parties and stakeholders have been engaged in discussions and debates regarding the appropriate timing for these crucial elections.

The President’s suggestion of November 6, 2023, as the election date now provides a concrete timeline for the upcoming electoral process. This move is expected to ease tensions and bring clarity to the situation, as the Constitution clearly defines the President’s role in determining the election date.

The CEC will play a pivotal role in the final decision on the election date. It is expected that the CEC will carefully consider President Alvi’s recommendation and consult with relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral process.

The upcoming general elections in Pakistan are of significant importance, as they will determine the composition of the National Assembly and, ultimately, the country’s leadership. Therefore, the timely and fair conduct of these elections is crucial for the democratic process and the stability of Pakistan.

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As the nation awaits further developments, President Alvi’s proposal offers a potential resolution to the debate surrounding the election date. It is anticipated that this suggestion will pave the way for necessary preparations to ensure free and fair elections on November 6, 2023.


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