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FBR and Karandaaz Pakistan Join Hands for Digital Tax System Overhaul

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Karandaaz Pakistan have made an agreement to modernize the tax system by going digital. This agreement was signed after a meeting between Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, FBR, and Karandaaz officials.

The aim of this agreement is to make tax processes easier and more user-friendly. It was emphasized during the meeting that digital solutions should focus on helping businesses and individuals.

Finance Minister Aurangzeb mentioned the importance of using skilled experts who have experience in implementing digital tax solutions in similar situations.

Karandaaz Pakistan will help FBR by assessing the needs of businesses, existing IT systems, and processes to figure out how to digitalize the tax system in a way that benefits taxpayers.

The MoU was signed by FBR Member Reforms and Modernization Ards­her Salim Tariq and Karan­daaz Pakistan Director Digital Services Sharjeel Murtaza.

During the signing ceremony, FBR’s Zubair Tiwana highlighted the board’s efforts to automate processes and digitize the economy to tackle issues like undocumented businesses and expand the tax base.

Karandaaz Pakistan CEO Waqas ul Hasan said the transformation will prioritize taxpayers’ needs and make the tax system more efficient, benefiting the whole nation.


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