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Father Celebrates Daughter’s Divorce to Break Taboos and Support Her

Marriages are usually celebrations, but when couples separate or divorce, things take a different turn. However, recently a father organized a “baraat” for his daughter as she returned home after her divorce. This act showed his support for his daughter and emphasized the importance of treating her with dignity and respect, especially when her in-laws had mistreated her.

The heartwarming video of this unique “baraat” was shared on Facebook by the father, Prem Gupta. In his post, he wrote, “When your daughter’s wedding was a big event, and things go wrong, you should bring her back home with respect and honor because daughters are precious.”

Prem Gupta, a resident of India, brought his daughter, Sakshi Gupta, back home with music and fireworks after she faced mistreatment and decided to file for divorce. On October 15, during Navaratri, Mr. Gupta arrived at his daughter’s in-laws’ house in Bajra-Sarweshwari Nagar with a music band and fireworks to bring her back.

Ms. Gupta faced harassment from Mr. Kumar and her in-laws. Sometimes, she was thrown out of the house. She later learned that her husband had been married twice before. The family tried to resolve the issues, but when that didn’t work, she filed for divorce, which is pending in court.

Mr. Gupta, who recently recovered from cancer, expressed that they haven’t decided on their daughter’s future yet. If she wishes to start a new life with someone else, they will support her. They have mutually agreed to divorce, and the family court in Ranchi will soon make a decision.

Ms. Gupta expressed her gratitude for her supportive parents, and her mother and brother also shared their happiness about the situation.

The video shows the daughter’s family happily joining her, lighting fireworks, clapping, and hugging her. The whole family celebrates on the streets.


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