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Fahad Mustafa Responds to Trolling He Faced After Touching Govinda’s Feet

Fahad Mustafa, a prominent figure in the world of Pakistani entertainment encompassing modeling, hosting, and acting, has responded to recent online criticism regarding a gesture he made towards Bollywood legend Govinda. With an enduring presence in the Pakistani entertainment industry, Mustafa has built a strong reputation for his acting prowess and hosting skills.

Fahad Mustafa’s remarkable career has been adorned with accolades and recognition. He has captivated audiences with his versatile performances in celebrated television dramas like “Kankar,” “Main Abdul Qadir Hoon,” “Main Chaand Si,” and “Dusri Biwi.” In the realm of cinema, he has achieved blockbuster success with iconic films such as “Na Maloom Afraad 1 & 2,” “Load Wedding,” and “Actor In Law.” Additionally, his charismatic hosting of the widely popular game show “Jeeto Pakistan” has endeared him to viewers.

Addressing a recent incident that sparked controversy, Fahad Mustafa openly shared his thoughts on the backlash he received for touching the feet of Bollywood veteran Govinda during an appearance on the show “Had Kardi,” hosted by Momin Saqib. Mustafa’s response showcased his candid demeanor and resilience in the face of online criticism.


“I don’t pay much attention to social media trolling. It’s not the main issue,” Fahad Mustafa asserted. His candid reaction reflects his unwavering commitment to his craft and his ability to rise above the noise of online chatter. He humorously acknowledged that not all followers would hold positive views, revealing that even his manager advises him to engage more with social media trends. Nevertheless, Mustafa remains steadfast in his approach; he opts not to get caught up in the frantic pace of the social media race. Instead, he uses social media purposefully to foster meaningful interactions.

Fahad Mustafa’s dignified response sheds light on the importance of staying focused on one’s goals in the face of online negativity. His ability to gracefully handle criticism is a testament to his maturity and professionalism. In an era where social media can sometimes be a breeding ground for unwarranted hostility, Mustafa’s stance is a reminder that the true measure of success lies in one’s dedication to their craft and the impact they make on their audience.

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As Fahad Mustafa continues to shine in the realm of entertainment, his ability to navigate the challenges of the digital age serves as an inspiration to both his peers and admirers. In a world where opinions can be expressed with a click of a button, Mustafa’s resolute approach exemplifies the power of self-assuredness and focusing on what truly matters.


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