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ECP: General Elections Not Possible within 90-Days

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has stated that conducting general elections within a span of 90 days is not feasible due to the required delimitation process, which is projected to take a minimum of four months.

A meeting chaired by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja convened to address this concern. The primary decision reached during the meeting was to initiate a fresh delimitation process across the entire country. This decision has significant implications for both the National and Provincial Assemblies, as the upcoming elections will be held under the framework of the new delimitation.

The ECP promptly released an official notification outlining the outcomes of the meeting, including the initiation of the new delimitation. Additionally, a comprehensive schedule for this process was made public.

The estimated timeline for the completion of the delimitation process is approximately four months. As a result, the commission has confirmed that it will not be possible to hold the general elections within the previously speculated 90-day timeframe.

Furthermore, the ECP ratified the new delimitation strategy in accordance with the data derived from the seventh national census. To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of this process, collaboration has been sought from provincial governments as well as the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

The decision to extend the election timeline comes as a direct consequence of the complex and meticulous nature of the delimitation process. This process involves the delineation of constituencies and the allocation of representatives, both of which are crucial for upholding the principles of fair representation and a transparent electoral process.

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The Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to elongate the election timeline beyond 90 days due to the imperative delimitation process highlights the commitment to preserving the integrity and fairness of the electoral system. While this extension may adjust the anticipated schedule, the ultimate aim remains to conduct elections that accurately reflect the will of the people and uphold the democratic values of the nation.


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