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ECP Extends Nomination Withdrawal Deadline

Islamabad: In a recent development, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has granted candidates an extension to withdraw their nominations for the upcoming general elections.

Initially set for 5 pm on January 12, the withdrawal deadline has now been extended by the ECP, allowing candidates to retract their nominations until 9 pm on the same day. The decision to extend the timeframe was made in an effort to facilitate political parties and candidates, as stated in an official ECP announcement.

The nomination filing deadline had expired on December 24, resulting in a total of 28,626 candidates submitting their nominations for both national and provincial assembly elections. The subsequent examination process, which took place until December 30, was followed by the acceptance of appeals from candidates until January 3. The finalization of these appeals was completed by January 10.

With the extended withdrawal period, candidates now have additional time to assess their electoral prospects and make informed decisions regarding their participation in the upcoming general elections. The evolving electoral landscape and the ECP’s measures are expected to influence the composition of candidates as the nation approaches the crucial polling day.


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