Saturday, April 13, 2024
Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Economic Diplomacy Key to Pakistan’s Growth, Says FM Ishaq Dar

Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar emphasized the importance of economic diplomacy to strengthen Pakistan. He urged the country’s ambassadors and high commissioners to prioritize seeking investment opportunities for Pakistan. Speaking at a meeting held at the Pakistan High Commission in London, Dar stressed that, given the current circumstances, economic diplomacy is crucial alongside traditional diplomacy.

Dar highlighted the need for Pakistan’s overseas missions to attract investments, emphasizing the country’s natural resources and talented human capital. He believed that with a strategic plan to exercise fiscal discipline and reduce external deficits, Pakistan could become a prosperous economy.

The foreign minister underscored the importance of effectively managing available resources, stating that Pakistan has the potential to become a major economy. Additionally, Dar mentioned his participation in the first Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels, where he will represent Pakistan.

Earlier, Dar reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with Turkey. He shared his exchange with Hakan Fidan, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, expressing satisfaction with the close ties between the two nations and their dedication to enhancing cooperation.


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