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Dubai Introduces ‘Golden Chance’ for a Quick Driving License, No Lessons Required

In Dubai, there’s a new rule for Filipino, Indian, and Pakistani drivers who want to get a driving license. Before this year, if you had a license from a country that Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) didn’t approve of, you had to take driving lessons to appear in the driving test.

Now, there’s a “golden chance” scheme, which means you can convert your license without needing to take driving lessons. When you apply to convert your license, you’ll only have to take a theory test and a road test.

This new rule applies to people who have driving licenses from countries that the RTA doesn’t approve of, including India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. It’s a great opportunity to get a Dubai license without having to go through driving lessons.

If your country’s license is approved by the RTA, like the UK, France, USA, and more, you can simply convert your license without any extra tests.

However, if your license is from certain countries like Lithuania and Greece, you’ll have to give up your foreign license to drive in Dubai.

The RTA is offering this “golden chance” to expats, but there are some conditions. First, you need to have a valid license from your home country. Then, you have to pass the RTA driving exams, which include a theory and road test, in one try. This new initiative started on April 1.

People from 43 countries can directly exchange their country’s driving licenses for a Dubai one without taking any classes or tests.

To apply for this initiative, you can go to a driving center. The costs will vary depending on the driving school but are expected to be around Dh2,200 (approximately). This covers the expenses for opening a file, tests, and getting your license.

You don’t have to take any prior training, but you can choose to do so for an extra charge. If you fail the Golden Chance direct test, you’ll have to sign up for regular driving classes.


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