Sunday, December 3, 2023
Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Doctor Breaks Down as She Reads Message from Al-Shifa Hospital Director

In a heart-wrenching account, a British doctor after reading the message from the director of Al Shifa Hospital, which the Israeli army turned into a crematorium in the Gaza Strip, was deeply moved and joined a health workers’ strike to protest the killing of over 200 doctors. The doctor, part of the protest, was brought to tears after hearing the hospital director’s firsthand account of the killings.

The video of this incident has spread widely on social media, shared by the Khudus News Network and viewed by over five million people. One person in the video mentioned that those with a compassionate heart find it difficult to witness the ongoing events in Gaza. You can watch the video below for more insight.

Reports suggest that due to the ongoing aggression, Al Shifa Hospital has been turned into a crematorium in Gaza. Israeli attacks have completely disrupted the hospital’s last generator, causing a total power outage. Tragically, a newborn undergoing critical treatment and an adult in intensive care both lost their lives. An attempt to reach the incubator for further care was made, but the doctor involved was killed by the Israeli army.

Since Hamas initiated a cross-border invasion on October 7, Israel has been attacking hospitals, homes, and places of worship in Gaza, using both air and ground forces. The toll stands at at least 11,078 Palestinian deaths, including 3,027 women and 4,506 children.


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