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Dior Replaced Bella Hadid With Israeli Model May Tager

Recent social media buzz alleges that Bella Hadid, a prominent figure in the fashion world known for her pro-Palestine stance, was replaced by Israeli model May Tager in Dior’s latest campaign. But a closer look at the circumstances elaborates the story.

Contrary to the claims, a reliable source close to the matter clarified to The Associated Press that Bella Hadid’s association with the luxury fashion house concluded in March 2022, preceding the latest Israel-Hamas conflict.

Bella Hadid, whose father is Palestinian, has been an outspoken critic of the Israeli government and a staunch supporter of Palestinians. Following the outbreak of the recent conflict, she took to Instagram on October 23 to express her concerns about innocent lives lost and urged followers to pressure leaders to protect civilians in Gaza.

When Dior unveiled its new holiday campaign featuring May Tager, social media erupted with speculation that Bella had been abruptly removed from the promotion due to her pro-Palestine stance. However, a closer look reveals that May Tager had already been part of Dior’s 2022 holiday marketing alongside actor Anya Taylor-Joy, a Dior global brand ambassador since 2021.

This isn’t the first time Dior has faced pressure regarding its collaboration with Bella. Similar rumors circulated in 2021, suggesting that Dior was severing ties due to Bella’s pro-Palestine stance. However, fashion watchdog Diet Prada dispelled these rumors, confirming Dior’s continued association with the supermodel.

Social media users expressed outrage over the alleged replacement, using the hashtag #BoycottDior. They pointed to May Tager’s Instagram posts featuring prominently in Dior’s new holiday campaign. Despite the uproar, neither Bella nor Dior has officially commented on the rumored replacement.

Despite the recent controversies, Bella Hadid remains active on social media, using her platform to shed light on Israeli actions in Palestine. In a recent Instagram post, she questioned the efficacy of international law in the face of the ongoing crisis.

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