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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Dengue Outbreak Reaches Alarming Levels in Punjab, 888 Cases Reported

The relentless surge of dengue mosquitoes has escalated to a critical state across the Punjab region, including the major city of Lahore.

In the past 24 hours alone, a staggering 42 new cases of dengue fever have emerged from various parts of Punjab. Startlingly, the cumulative count of patients in Punjab for this year has now surged to 888, as confirmed by the health department.

Of particular concern is Lahore, where 22 fresh cases of dengue fever were identified just yesterday. This sharp increase has propelled the total count of dengue patients in Lahore this year to an alarming 304.

Officials from the health department have disclosed that, within the last day, seven cases of dengue fever were documented in Rawalpindi, while Multan and Gujranwala reported three cases each. Additionally, both Attock and Gujrat each recorded two cases.

Presently, hospitals throughout Punjab are grappling with 40 patients undergoing treatment for this fever. An overwhelming majority of these cases, specifically 21, are receiving care within various healthcare facilities in Lahore.

To accommodate the surge in cases, a substantial 2,678 beds have been specifically designated for dengue fever patients across hospitals in the Punjab region. This resource allocation underscores the severity of the outbreak and the authorities’ concerted efforts to manage the crisis.

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As outbreak spirals, health officials are intensifying their preventive measures and urging citizens to take immediate action to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. This includes ensuring stagnant water is removed and adopting personal protective measures to thwart mosquito bites.

The alarming escalation of cases in Punjab is a potent reminder of the pressing need for proactive measures to curb the outbreak and protect public health. Authorities are working tirelessly to address the situation, but individual responsibility and community cooperation remain pivotal in curbing the spread of this mosquito-borne disease.


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