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Commercial Theatre Activities Banned at Alhamra Art Centre

Lahore, August 17, 2023 — In a move aimed at preserving cultural and literary integrity, the Punjab Information and Culture Department (PICD) has taken a decisive step by banning all commercial theatre activities at the Alhamra Art Centre, a prominent cultural landmark.

The decision, endorsed by Provincial Minister for Information and Culture, Amir Mir, entails a comprehensive prohibition on commercial theatre stage plays within the iconic Al Hamra Mall Road premises. This action follows a surge in complaints about explicit dance performances featured in dramas held at this renowned venue.

For years, the Alhamra Cultural Complex has been a hub for meaningful artistic expressions. While the decision might seem to challenge this legacy, it aligns with a vision to uphold cultural and literary standards that cater to a diverse audience.

The ban comes in conjunction with the immediate cancellation of all bookings for scheduled commercial plays. This indicates a clear intention to reshape the cultural landscape and prioritize more refined forms of artistic expression.

It’s important to clarify that the ban only targets commercial stage plays, ensuring that the rich tapestry of artistic activities at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex will remain unaffected and continue as scheduled. This aligns with the statement by Caretaker Culture Minister, Aamir Mir, who emphasized that the objective is not to hinder artistic expression but rather to guide it towards culturally enriching avenues.

Alhamra Halls, overseen by Lahore Arts Council, initially focused on literary and cultural events. However, commercial theatres were introduced with the aim of generating funds. The recent decision underscores the authorities’ commitment to striking a balance between artistic freedom and maintaining the cultural sanctity that Alhamra Art Centre represents.

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In a world where artistic landscapes are ever-evolving, the ban on commercial theatre at Alhamra Art Centre serves as a testament to the importance of cultivating artistic expressions that resonate with a wide range of audiences. By steering artistic endeavors towards cultural refinement, Lahore’s iconic arts scene takes a bold step towards preserving its heritage while embracing the future.


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