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BCCI Faces Backlash Over Dirty Seats at Ahmedabad Stadium Ahead of World Cup Match

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is facing severe criticism following complaints about the dirty seats at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. With a World Cup match scheduled to take place at the venue in just three days, fans have expressed their frustration over the poor stadium conditions.

During a recent warm-up match between Pakistan and Australia, spectators who had paid premium prices, some as high as ₹1000 for tickets, were shocked to find filthy seats that made it impossible to sit comfortably. This incident has cast a shadow over the preparations for the upcoming World Cup matches.

The BCCI had allocated a large budget to revamp the facilities at World Cup venues, including the Narendra Modi Stadium, in anticipation of this prestigious event. However, despite the significant investments, the condition of the seats at the RGI stadium in Uppal, Ahmedabad, remains far from satisfactory.

This year marks the first time that India is solely hosting the ODI World Cup, and the BCCI has already faced a barrage of criticism for various issues. These include the scarcity of tickets and their high prices, frequent changes in the match schedule, and delays in processing visas for the Pakistan team.

The uproar over the dirty seats reached its peak when C. Venkatesh, a user on social media, shared a picture of the unsanitary conditions. The image quickly went viral, prompting a wave of outrage directed at the Indian cricket authorities for their failure to ensure proper arrangements for cricket enthusiasts attending matches at the stadiums.

Prominent Indian sports journalist Vikrant Gupta also weighed in on the issue, describing the situation as “shocking, to say the least.”

As cricket fans eagerly await the start of the World Cup, they hope that immediate action will be taken to address the unclean conditions at the Narendra Modi Stadium and prevent further embarrassment for the BCCI and Indian cricket as a whole.


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