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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Badshah Finally Meets His ‘Crush’ Hania Aamir

Indian rapper and singer Badshah is well-known for his music and popularity. The two have praised one another numerous times and even had some lighthearted social media banter.

Recently, he caught the attention of social media users when a picture of him with Pakistani actress Hania Aamir started circulating. Social media users are sharing a picture of Badshah and Hania Aamir together that has gone viral. The image was taken by a fan, who then posted it to social media. The image showed the duo together Mall of Emirates, Dubai.

Rapper-singer Badshah is well-known in India for both his popularity and musical ability. He has already declared his admiration for Hania Aamir, a Pakistani actress, even going so far as to call her his “crush.”

Although Badshah has expressed his adoration for Hania in a live Instagram session in the past. He has said before, Hania Aamir uplifts his mood. He went on to say that Hania is an amazing person and that her posts have such positive energy that they instantly lift his spirits. Even more praise for Hania Aamir came from Badshah, who said: “Bari mast bandi lagti hai mujhe, mood uplift ho jata hai ekdum se uski post dekh ke”


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  1. Hi
    Thank u for posting the picture which you have told to be alleged in this column.
    This picture was taken by me in Mall of Emirates where apart from me there were other fans who took pictures with these celebrities. So without having details please do not impose false allegations on anyone without your complete investigation.
    If you need any clarification you can can reach me on my email and i will show you the other snaps/video that i have.
    Thank you

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