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Prideful Moment: Babar Azam Expresses Joy Over Praise from Virat Kohli

Pakistan’s cricket captain, Babar Azam, expressed his joy and pride after receiving commendation from the renowned Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. As the arch-rivals gear up for a faceoff in the ongoing Asia Cup 2023, Azam shared his feelings about the accolades from Kohli.

Speaking exclusively in anticipation of the much-anticipated clash, Azam revealed, “It feels pretty good when someone of Kohli’s stature makes such positive comments about you. The way Virat Kohli spoke about me is a matter of pride for me.”

The Pakistan skipper, who is currently recognized as the top One Day International (ODI) batter and ranks among the top four in Test and T20I formats, expressed gratitude for the recognition. Azam’s performance is highly anticipated as Pakistan readies itself for the ICC World Cup 2023, scheduled to take place in India later this year.

Azam also fondly recalled his initial meeting with the Indian maestro during the 2019 World Cup. “When I met him during the 2019 World Cup, he was at the pinnacle of his career, and he continues to be an exceptional player. At that juncture, I was eager to gain insights from him. I learned a lot from him,” Azam reminisced.

The 28-year-old Pakistan cricket sensation shared his experience of seeking advice from Kohli. “I posed the questions that were on my mind, and he generously addressed and elucidated all of them. His guidance infused me with a great deal of confidence.”

With the Asia Cup 2023 encounter between Pakistan and India just around the corner, cricket enthusiasts are anticipating a thrilling showdown between the two cricketing giants. Azam’s acknowledgment of Kohli’s commendation adds an extra layer of excitement to the already intense rivalry.

As cricket fans eagerly await the clash on Saturday, September 2nd, in Kandy, Sri Lanka, the spotlight will undoubtedly be on both teams’ captains. Azam’s pride in receiving praise from Kohli not only showcases the mutual respect between the players but also amplifies the sportsmanship that cricket embodies.

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In this anticipated clash of titans, cricket lovers from both nations eagerly look forward to witnessing exceptional performances on the field. The camaraderie displayed by Babar Azam and Virat Kohli is a testament to the unifying spirit of cricket that transcends boundaries and brings fans together in celebration of the sport.


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