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Asim Azhar Looses His Cool Over Chants of Hania Aamir’s Name

Pakistani singer and songwriter Asim Azhar found himself at the center of attention during a recent literary festival in Karachi when the audience began chanting the name of his ex-girlfriend, Hania Amir. The incident has reignited discussions about the fine line between fan behavior and personal space.

Rumors surrounding Asim Azhar and actress Hania Amir’s relationship circulated in 2019, but she clarified in 2020 that they were just friends. Despite this clarification, fans have consistently chanted Hania Amir’s name at Asim Azhar’s concerts.

As of now, Asim Azhar is engaged to actress Merub Ali, and they celebrated their engagement in March 2022. The recent incident at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) campus in Karachi, during a literary event where Asim Azhar was on stage with actor Yasir Hussain, sheds light on the challenges faced by celebrities in maintaining personal boundaries.

Some members of the audience seized the opportunity to tease Asim Azhar about his past relationship, prompting host Yasir Hussain to intervene. Hussain appealed to the crowd to stop, emphasizing that such behavior could lead to the cancellation of the scheduled concert after the discussion session.

Despite the host’s efforts, Asim Azhar chose to address the situation directly, expressing his frustration with those chanting Hania Amir’s name. In a moment of anger, he pointed towards the disruptive individuals and responded, “Kia Hogya Beta? IBA hi aye ho na ya pagal khanay?” [What happened, son? Have you come to IBA or an asylum?]

Asim Azhar’s strong reaction has sparked conversations about the challenges celebrities face in dealing with intrusive fan behavior, prompting reflection on the importance of respecting personal boundaries in public spaces.


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