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Ali Sethi Denies Marriage ‘Rumours’

Renowned Pakistani singer and songwriter, Ali Sethi, has put an end to the speculations surrounding his marital status, clarifying the situation after a flurry of claims and counterclaims flooded social media.

Rather than staying quiet about the gossip, the 39-year-old singer chose to address the matter directly, firmly refuting the “rumours.”

I want to make it clear that I am not married,” Sethi stated in a post on his Instagram story.

Ali Sethi
Image source: Instagram

The artist behind the hit song “Pasoori” expressed his bewilderment regarding the origin of these unfounded rumors, asserting that he has no knowledge of who initiated them.

In addition to addressing the false marriage rumors, Sethi took the opportunity to discuss his most recent work, a collaboration with American musician Noah Georgeson titled “Paniya.”

Sethi humorously remarked, “Perhaps those spreading rumors could assist in promoting my new release.

Recognized for his melodious voice and lively persona, Ali Sethi has enjoyed the spotlight since the success of his globally acclaimed track “Pasoori” for over a year.

With his unique songwriting and singing talents, Sethi has garnered attention from both national and international media. He has emerged as an influential figure for South Asians, especially among the diaspora, who view him as a dynamic representative of the region.

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Ali Sethi’s candid dismissal of the marriage rumors sets the record straight. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his musical prowess, his latest collaboration “Paniya” is poised to further cement his position as a notable artist in the global music scene.


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