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Aamir Khan Announces ‘Sitare Zameen Par’ Film

Famous actor Aamir Khan recently announced a new movie he’ll star in and produce, called “Sitare Zameen Par.” He shared this news during an event called ‘Amrit Ratna 2023’ by News18 India.

This film has a similar theme to his emotional hit movie from 2007, “Taare Zameen Par.” But there’s a twist – while “Taare Zameen Par” made people cry, “Sitare Zameen Par” is meant to be a funny and entertaining journey.

Aamir explained that he hadn’t talked about this project publicly before, and he couldn’t reveal too much at the moment. He mentioned that in “Taare Zameen Par,” his character helps a special child named Ishaan. In “Sitare Zameen Par,” it’s the opposite – nine boys with their own challenges help him.

Aamir Khan will not only act in “Sitare Zameen Par” but also produce it. At the same event, Aamir admitted that he considered quitting movies because he was so occupied in his passion for cinema. He felt upset that he hadn’t spent enough time with his children and family.

Aamir shared that he realized about 2.5 years ago how consumed he was by his love for movies. He felt he’d neglected his relationships. He decided not to leave the film industry mainly for his children but acknowledged the need to find a balance.

He’s looking forward to his son’s debut in the film industry and is excited about his daughter’s upcoming wedding in January.

Fans are excitedly awaiting the magic that Aamir Khan will surely deliver once more as the countdown to this remarkable production intensifies. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan is getting ready to create a number of movies.


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