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12 Palestinians Martyred in Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza

In a recent escalation of violence, Israeli air strikes targeted the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the coastal enclave. The assault came after the Israeli military commenced a major two-day operation in the occupied West Bank, withdrawing forces from Jenin. The intense operation in the area led to the death of 12 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier, making it Israel’s largest military operation in the West Bank in years.

The operation in Jenin utilized hundreds of troops, along with drone strikes and army bulldozers that caused significant destruction. Amidst the turmoil, a car ramming and stabbing attack took place in Tel Aviv, leaving seven people injured before the suspect was shot dead.

The large-scale assault on the Jenin refugee camp resulted in the loss of 12 Palestinian lives, according to the Palestinian health ministry. Late on Tuesday, an Israeli soldier was also killed by “live fire,” as announced by the army. In response to the rocket attacks from Gaza, the Israeli military conducted air strikes, intercepting five rockets targeted at Israeli territory. While the attack hit a Hamas military site in northern Gaza, no injuries were reported.

During the raid on Jenin, the Israeli army uncovered militant hideouts, arms depots, and an underground shaft used for storing explosives. The operation led to the dismantling of six explosives manufacturing facilities and three operational situation rooms in Jenin, with a significant confiscation of weapons.

The escalation of violence drew condemnation from various quarters. The Palestinian foreign ministry labelled it an “open war against the people of Jenin,” while medical charity Doctors Without Borders criticized Israeli forces for firing tear gas inside the Khalil Suleiman hospital in Jenin. The Palestinian health minister accused the army of shooting at Palestinians in the courtyards of hospitals.

The aftermath of the operation in Jenin was characterized by a general strike, with shuttered shops, debris-littered streets, and burned roadblocks. The mayor of Jenin expressed concern over the dire conditions inside the camp, including the lack of basic amenities such as electricity, water, and functional roads.

The recent violence in the northern West Bank, including attacks on Israelis and settler violence targeting Palestinians, has further exacerbated the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The Netanyahu government, which includes extreme-right allies, has witnessed an escalation in tensions and a decline in the prospects for peace talks.

Hamas, the militant group controlling the Gaza Strip, praised the attack in Tel Aviv as a response to the “crimes against our people in the Jenin camp.” The incident involved a driver intentionally hitting pedestrians on a shopping street and subsequently attacking civilians with a sharp object. The assailant, a West Bank resident, was shot dead by an armed civilian passerby.

The United Nations condemned the violence in both Tel Aviv and Jenin, calling for an end to the killing, maiming, and destruction of property. The Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip witnessed protests near the border fence with Israel, further highlighting the tense situation.

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank, which began after the Six-Day War in 1967, remains a contentious issue. The Palestinians aspire to have their own independent state and demand the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories and the dismantling of Jewish settlements. However, the current Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has expressed its intention to strengthen settlements and has shown little interest in reviving peace talks.

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Since the beginning of the year, the conflict has claimed the lives of at least 190 Palestinians, 26 Israelis, one Ukrainian, and one Italian, according to official sources. The casualties include both combatants and civilians, with the majority of Israeli casualties being civilians and three members of the Arab minority.

The recent escalation of violence highlights the ongoing tensions in the region and the urgent need for dialogue and diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation. The international community has a crucial role to play in facilitating a peaceful resolution and ensuring the protection of civilian lives on both sides.


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