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‘Will break that hand coming towards police,’ CM Naqvi warns PTI

Key Points:

  • CM Naqvi says he has given ‘free hand’ to the police to maintain writ of the government.
  • CM Naqvi says he has given ‘free hand’ to the police to maintain writ of the government.
  • The CM asks PTI Chief Imran Khan to send the police back if he does not have trust on them.
  • The Punjab CM says people involved in terrorism were present there in Zaman Park, announces JIT to investigate alleged terror activities.
  • The CM announces compensation for injured police constables.

Lahore:  Punjab Interim Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi warned the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters of strict action if they attacked the police from now on.

“Two days ago, when the police cleared the canal road and removed the tents from outside the Zaman Park as the traffic continued to jam there and the people had been suffering there,” said Mohsin Naqvi, adding that he directed the police to open the roads.

“I asked police and rangers to retreat from Zaman Park because we did not want any bloodshed. I asked them to return as I never wanted any trouble,” said the interim chief minister.

A day after the roads were opened, a constable was on his way to home when the PTI supporters tortured him and he ran away from there to save his life. The other day, Elite Force vehicle was passing by the residence of Imran Khan which stopped and later thrown into canal. “How the writ of the police can be maintained with such kind of things? asked Naqvi, pointing out that a normal political does not commit such things.

The CM said, “Earlier today, I conveyed to the Inspector General of Police, and they will do whatever they want to maintain the writ of government,” .

CM Naqvi also warned, “We will break that hand coming towards the police or strict action will be taken if anyone challenges writ of the state. I have given them free hand to maintain writ of the government. Nothing more like this,”.

He also said he was motivating the police for last many days and asked them to show restraint but the situation is now quite clear that many people who were involved in terrorism were present there.

“The political party does not commit such things,” claim the Punjab CM, vowing to maintain writ of the government. He said that he was standing by the police and had asked them to take strict action if any attacked them.

“We will give tough response if the police are targeted again,” he added.

During the press conference, he also showed the video clips of the police official and the Elite Force vehicle.

“This is not possible for the policemen that on one side they are facing such treatment and on the other hand they are performing their duties,” said the CM.

The Punjab Interim CM also announced to form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to investigate the terrorists’ activities, saying that they would issue a notification tonight.

He also announced to send all the things other than the political activities were also being sent the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The CM also announced From Rs500,000 to Rs100,000.

“Imran Khan threatened the police yesterday. But this is not possible. Such permission cannot be granted to him to blame the police every day. If he does not have any trust on the police he can send them back. Police cannot perform duty against the abuses,” he said categorically while addressing the PTI Chief.


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