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Teacher’s Comment ‘She has Passed Away’ on Report Card Goes Viral

Malawi: The internet has been abuzz with a screenshot of a perplexing remark made by a teacher on a student’s report card.

The teacher wrote, “she has passed away,” on the result of a term three paper from 2019. The student, whose identity remains undisclosed, scored good marks in most subjects and secured the seventh position in class rankings.

Anant Bhan, a Twitter user, posted the image on the microblogging site, which has garnered around 8,606 views. Although the country of origin is unknown, the presence of Chichewa, the official language of Malawi, as a subject on the report card suggests that it may be from the African region.

The report card lists several subjects, including Mathematics, English, Agriculture, BK/RE, Social, Life Skills, and Arts.

The teacher’s remark has received severe criticism on social media. Many users expressed frustration and embarrassment by posting face-palm emojis, while others suggested that the teacher’s comment was far worse than the incorrect usage of “passed out” to refer to graduation.

Some users even offered blessings to the person who has “passed away.” “May SHE who has passed away be blessed by the almighty in her very being here & now with a long healthy happy & prosperous life,” said one user.

While the context of the teacher’s comment remains unclear, it serves as a reminder that words have the power to impact people in profound ways. Even seemingly harmless phrases can cause unintentional harm, and it is essential to be mindful of the language we use.

The screenshot of the teacher’s remark has caused an uproar on social media. While the origin and context of the report card remain unknown, the incident highlights the importance of using language carefully to avoid unintended consequences.


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