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‘Nobody is holding ‘Ladla’ accountable,’ says PM Shehbaz, coming down hard upon judiciary

Key Points:

  • PM asks the house to sit together for the rule of law in the country.
  • PM Shehbaz says Imran Khan attacks courts and terrorists are roaming around his residence in Zaman Park.
  • PM Shehbaz points out different cases like BRT, Malam Jabba and others but no action against Imran Niazi.
  • Shehbaz Sharif says courts are granting bails to Imran Khan despite his involvement in serious crimes.
  • The Prime Minister mentions an alleged audio clip featuring a SC judge, questioning how many judges have been ousted over corruption so far.
  • Politicians gave Pakistan Constitution of 1973  despite differences but the situation is totally different

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif came down hard upon the judiciary, questioning that why Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was not held accountable so far despite many cases against him.

Calling Imran Khan as the biggest liar of the country’s history, PM Shehbaz said that Imran Niazi committed many crimes as he showed arrogance before two judges of the higher judiciary.

He said that he was required in many cases but he did not bother to appear before the courts despite repeated notices.

The PM said, ” Today, I came up with this case that the fun is being made of this constitution. The legislature’s powers and the judiciary’s powers are being compromising. A loved one does not appear before the courts no matter how many notices he receives. He gets extensions from the courts despite that he uttered contemptuous remarks against a woman judge,”.

He expressed these words while addressing the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The PM said that the cases registered on the basis of the facts but everyone knew that when they were sitting on the opposition benches they were booked in the fake cases.

“But no one took notice of the fake cases against us when we were sitting on the benches,” said the PM, adding that but a “ladla” now days did not care about the rule of law.

He said that this is the loved one who attacked this parliament and his companions put dirty clothes at the building of the parliament.

He stated that his government did not deviate from its promises.

“Imran Niazi brought the country to the verge of collapse and my government saved the country from default,” said the PM, adding that many promises were violated and it was the reason that the IMF was demanding guarantee on every single move.

He said that Imran Khan made many promises but he committed huge corruption.

“Whenever I go to different places to visit flour distribution points I can tell you that I see “Sufaid posh” people in the long queues,” he said, calling it shameful.

“This is the destruction and burden which PTI has brought with and there are serious consequences of it,” he added.

The PM said that Imran Khan continued to speak lie for months and in day and night that his government was ousted due to the US conspiracy and subsequently, the people started believing him.

But, he said,  few days ago, it was witnessed that Imran Khan took U-turn and said that there was no conspiracy.

“I never saw such person who did ‘topi drama’,” said the PM.

He also held Imran Khan responsible for damaging relations with different countries.

“But this Niazi has now hired lobbies against the national interests,” he alleged, indirectly referring to Ramday Khalilzad over his statements.

The PM did not mention Khalilzad during his speech but said that the meeting were being held day and night.

“There is huge polarization but nobody is holding this person accountable,” he said, lashing out at Imran Khan.

Shehbaz Sharif said that now it was the time that the law should take its course.

“Did you ever see that the police and other law enforcers were attacked but nobody held him accountable?,” he said, asking the members of the house that whether such lawlessness could be allowed.

PM Shehbaz also lauded those who gave Constitution of 1973 to Pakistan.

He stated that there were terrorists in the area Zaman Park but he was getting bail after bail, and therefore, he being a citizen and being head of the government asked the house to take notice of all these things.  The PM said that he always consulted the members of the cabinet before any important matters.

“Why others are not doing so?,” asked the PM.

He stated that General Asim Munir was made chief of army staff while Shamshad Sahir was also chosen as Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee but these decisions were made on the merit.  Indians trolled Pakistan on the social media, he added.

The PM said that they needed solid course of action on this.

“Who got them stay order on BRT? What is the matter of Malam Jabba?  There was hurry to send Khawaja Asif to jail. It was Imran Niazi who amended the NAB law. But who took suo motu? These are the facts,” said the PM.

Talking about Foreign Funding case, the PM said that Imran Khan got this case deferred for years but finally the decision came on the case.

“Who did money laundering? It was Imran Niazi. Where that money of Wotten club was spent? That money came and went into the pockets of Imran Khan and others. Arif Naqvi himself was facing a serious case,” said the PM, adding that committing fraud with the nation, telling it a lie and selling precious watch but nobody was taking notice of it.

“If this is the scale of the justice then it is God who can save the country,” said PM Shehbaz.

He also talked about an audio that surfaced on the social media was about a judge of the supreme Court, asking the house to conduct forensic of the audio so the justice could prevail.

“The judges used to transfer through the whatsapp. And we used to be forced to appear before the courts even in the illness” said Shehbaz Sharif, pointing out that if the judge was corrupt then he should be brought to justice.

“How many judges of the higher judiciary were ousted over charges of corruption?  How many judges were ousted over charges of corruption except Sheikh Shaukat. These are bitter facts. The time has come that the house must take notice of all these things. Time has come and we have to take stand on it,”.

He stated that who sponsored the terrorists again.

PM accused Imran Khan of committing contempt of court by showing arrogance before two judges of the higher judiciary.  

“We will not let Imran ruin this country,” he said, urging the lawmakers to take action otherwise they would be left regretting.


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