Thursday, November 30, 2023
Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Mahmood Aslam condemns death rumors, urges fans to verify sensitive news

Karachi: A social media user tweeted on Wednesday night that veteran actor Mahmood Aslam had passed away. However, the Bulbulay actor posted a video to deny the fake news and confirm that he is healthy, safe, and alive.

He condemned the report and urged people to verify sensitive news before posting them.

Aslam responded to the rumors about his death on Instagram, stating that he is alive and well. In a one-minute video, he clarified that he is Mahmood Aslam and is breathing, fit, and present in front of his audience.

He requested people not to spread unverified news and condemned whoever reported the false news on social media. Aslam reiterated that he is healthy and alive, and urged people to be responsible when sharing sensitive news.

Additionally, he emphasized that spreading such insensitive news may be amusing for some, but it can cause immense emotional distress for those who are close to him. As he urged people to be responsible while sharing news, he requested them to consider his friends, family, relatives, and fans, and how they would feel after reading the unverified news.

Aslam expressed that it is acceptable to share news about people who have passed away, but it is unethical to circulate fake news about those who are alive.

In his video, Aslam made a direct appeal to his followers, urging them not to believe the fake news about his death. He confirmed that he is alive and well and requested the people responsible for spreading the malicious news to stop their harmful actions.

Aslam emphasized that such acts are not a joke and can have severe consequences on his fans and family. He urged the perpetrators to consider their actions carefully and think about the possible consequences before posting unverified news.

Aslam ended his message by requesting prayers for himself and those who spread the fake rumors.

Celebrities falling victim to death hoaxes is not a new phenomenon. In 2020, several rumors about the death of popular singer Alamgir began circulating. In response to the rumors, veteran TV star Bushra Ansari posted a video on Instagram in which she called the singer to inquire about his health. She then shared the conversation with her followers, confirming that Alamgir was alive and in good health.


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