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Imran Khan introduced me to Islam: Kristiane Baker

Former MTV presenter, Kristiane Backer, revealed in her book “From MTV to Mecca” that she converted to Islam in 1995 after being inspired by former Pakistani cricket star and now Former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Backer, who was a prominent television personality in the 1990s, said she met Khan in London in 1992 and was struck by his charisma and spirituality.

Imran Khan introduced her to Sufism, a mystical form of Islam, and she eventually converted to the faith.

Backer’s journey to Islam was not without challenges, as she faced criticism and even death threats from some quarters. However, she has since become an advocate for interfaith dialogue and understanding and has written and spoken extensively about her experiences.

Imran Khan, who was elected as Pakistan’s Prime Minister in 2018, has been a vocal advocate for a more moderate and inclusive version of Islam. He has also been active in promoting Pakistan as a destination for religious tourism, particularly for those interested in Sufi spirituality.

In an interview with Pakistani media, Kristiane Backer revealed that her conversion to Islam in 1995 was influenced by Imran Khan. She expressed her hope that Khan will be safe and treated with the respect he deserves, as he is a popular and visionary leader whose heart is in the right place, even if not everything has worked out as planned.

Backer credited Khan’s teachings and inspiration for inspiring her to convert to Islam, and pointed out the peaceful nature of Sufism, stating “have you seen a Sufi terrorist?”


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