Thursday, November 30, 2023
Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill updates about his health

Hollywood: The star of Jurassic Park, Sam Neill shared that he is feeling better after undergoing treatment for stage-three blood cancer on Instagram.

Sam was diagnosed with lymphoma, after his promotional tour for the film Jurassic World Dominion in March 2022.  Following his cancer diagnosis, the Hollywood icon took a break from acting but has now returned to work and is doing much better.

During an interview on The Michael Ball Show on Sunday, Neill expressed that he is feeling great and has been in remission for about seven or eight months, adding that he has never felt better.

Taking to Instagram, the actor shared that he considered the year after his cancer diagnosis as an adventure, despite the challenges he faced. Although it was a dark period, he emerged on the other side feeling optimistic, full of life, and grateful for his return to work. Neill added that he is very happy to be back at work and is eagerly looking forward to new projects.

He discusses in his forthcoming memoir about receiving chemotherapy that eventually proved ineffective and then starting a new chemotherapy drug that he will have to take for months for the rest of his life, despite being cancer-free. Neill also recently shared an update about his health with his fans via Instagram.

During his video message, Sam Neill expressed his desire for the focus not to be solely on his health issue. He wished that the headlines would also highlight his latest book titled “Did I Ever Tell You This?”. His cancer treatment inspired him to write this piece. Neill explained that while the book does mention cancer, it is not the sole topic but rather serves as a context for his writing.


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