Thursday, November 30, 2023
Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Government Officials seeks Permission for Corruption against Low Salaries

FBR Inland Revenue employees have requested permission to engage in corruption if their salaries are not increased to meet the rising expenses caused by inflation. In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, the employees have asked for executive allowance and highlighted that their salaries are not sufficient to meet their household expenses.

The letter states that the salaries of employees in institutions such as NAB, FIA, and the PM office are significantly higher than those of FBR Inland Revenue employees. The employees have requested that the Prime Minister approve executive allowance for them to help meet their expenses.

The letter also notes that due to the inflationary pressures and the rising cost of living, employees are struggling to save for the future, and some are accumulating debt in the millions of rupees.

This request for permission to engage in corruption is a serious matter and highlights the challenges faced by low-wage earners in the country. While it is understandable that rising expenses and inflation are creating financial difficulties for many households, the solution cannot be to allow for illegal and unethical behavior.

The government should instead focus on addressing the root causes of inflation and implementing policies that will help alleviate the financial burden on citizens. Moreover, corrupt practices cannot be allowed under any circumstances as they undermine the rule of law and harm the economic and social well-being of the country.

In conclusion, the request made by FBR Inland Revenue employees to engage in corruption is a troubling development. It highlights the urgent need for the government to address the financial struggles of low-wage earners and to take action to curb corruption in all sectors.


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