Sunday, December 3, 2023
Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Five amazing spiritual benefits of fasting in Ramadan

There are a large number of benefits of fasting in Ramadan. Fasting has so many benefits to our health but the best thing about it is that it draws us closer to Allah. A spiritual fast is when we avoid food or water in order to draw closer to Allah. In the Hebrew, the word fast actually means to “cover or shut the mouth”.

1-Divine Protection: 

When we find ourselves under threat from the people or enemy and we need God’s protection, we spend most of our time in fasting & prayers. Allah protects us from the worst things and paths that can put us in trouble.

2-Strengthens Your Spirit:

Keeping fast strengthens our spirit and soul to resist the desire of coming close to Allah. Sometimes we indulge in such situations where we give up desires or become so hopeless. Prayers and fast give us the reset to our mind and heart we need so that we can continue to develop our faith & hope.

3-Delivers Spiritual Bandage That Holds Us Fast:

Allah gives us the spiritual bandage to our heart & soul that holds back when we fast. He keeps us away from curses, evil influence and wrong harness. Fasting keeps us bound in our lives.

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4-Cleans Our Body And Soul:

When we offer prayers and keep fasting, we wear clean dresses and remove all impurities. This makes our body and soul clean. Ramadan is a time for all of us to come closer to Allah, to reflect, glorify and to maintain our souls. When we avoid eating and drinking during fast, it is very important for us to remember why we are doing this and how we can utilise this beautiful month to achieve the utmost purpose of life.

5-Give Desire Of Spiritual Things:

Keeping fasting and praying in Ramadan gives you a desire for doing spiritual things. Whenever we are disappointed and feel tired from this 

world, Allah gives us a new courage and desire and attracts us towards 



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