Thursday, November 30, 2023
Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Dialysis cost in Pakistan rise by 40PC

The treatment for kidney-related illnesses and dialysis price in Pakistan is increasing due to the rising cost of imported supplies used in the dialysis process. Additionally, there has been a steady increase in the number of kidney patients due to a rise in the number of people with diabetes and hypertension, as well as the consumption of contaminated water.

During a fundraising event in Islamabad, Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman, the CEO of Pakistan Kidney Center, stated that the kidney dialysis cost in Pakistan per person has risen to approximately Rs5,500, compared to Rs4,000 a few months ago. This increase in cost is due to the rising prices of consumables used in the process of blood purification. Moreover, the number of kidney patients is consistently increasing in Pakistan, mainly because of a significant surge in the number of people with diabetes and hypertension.

At the fundraising event for the Pakistan Kidney Center in Islamabad, more than Rs2 million was pledged to help cover the costs of purchasing dialysis machines, dialysis consumables, and equipment for the hospital’s 50-bed facility. The Pakistan Kidney Center is situated in Abbottabad and provides medical care to individuals from remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman also appealed to the public to donate generously for the benefit of underprivileged patients due to rising dialysis costs in Pakistan. He emphasised that the prolonged use of powerful painkillers, with the exception of paracetamol, viral infections such as Hepatitis B and C, as well as diabetes and hypertension, are major contributors to kidney disease. He further added that kidney stones can also cause kidney damage and that dialysis and kidney transplants may be necessary to restore a normal lifestyle.

“The Pakistan Kidney Center is launching a 50-bed hospital that will soon offer kidney surgeries and transplants. However, he stated that they require substantial financial support from the public to make this possible. The centre has conducted more than 70,000 dialysis sessions to date and has treated over 100,000 patients at the dialysis centre.”

Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman urged the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, drinking filtered water, and avoiding medications to save themselves from Kidney dialysis. 

He also encouraged people to donate generously to healthcare organizations that are struggling to cope with the large influx of patients due to inadequate healthcare facilities in the public sector.

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