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Bangalore Couple earns 12 Lakhs by selling Samosas

Bangalore: A small ‘samosa’ has the potential to generate lakhs of rupees! This beloved Indian snack, typically triangular in shape and filled with savory ingredients, has changed the fortunes of a married couple.

Just as the filling of a samosa may differ depending on the locality, with popular ingredients such as potatoes, peas, onions, and spices, the story of this couple may serve as a ‘starter’ for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2016, Nidhi Singh and her husband Shikhar Veer Singh left behind their well-paying corporate jobs to open a samosa shop in Bengaluru.

Today, they earn a staggering Rs 12 lakh per day by selling this quintessential Indian snack, according to various media reports.

When they required a more extensive kitchen space, the couple sold their apartment and leased a factory in Bengaluru with the proceeds.

Nidhi and Shikhar, both educated professionals, utilised their savings to establish the business and later invested Rs 80 lakh to construct a larger kitchen, as reported by Weekender.

Despite the challenging startup journey, the couple’s determination and hard work paid off as Samosa Singh currently sells 30,000 samosas monthly, with a turnover of Rs 45 crore, roughly Rs 12 lakh daily.

Shikhar and Nidhi met while pursuing their B-Tech degrees in Biotechnology from Kurukshetra University in Haryana. Shikhar, who had previously earned an MTech from Hyderabad, resigned from his position as a Principal Scientist at Biocon to pursue his dream of a samosa business.

Meanwhile, Nidhi worked as a Business Development Associate at a Gurugram-based pharmaceutical firm and received a yearly salary of Rs 30 lakh, beginning with an initial payment of Rs 17,000. The couple’s journey has been arduous but rewarding, and they are eager to embark on the next phase of their business.

This couple from Bangalore demonstrated that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and passions.


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