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Azhar Mashwani returns home after eight-day disappearance

  • The PTI activist prays for the reunion of party’s other abductees’ with their families in the holy month of Ramadan.

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activist Azhar Mashwani reached home safely on Friday.

The PTI leader said that he owed all for their prayers and efforts during the last eight days.

Taking to Twitter, Mashwani said, “All prays to Allah, I have safely reached home. I owe you all for your prayers and efforts during these eight days,”.

He also said, “Pray that our other abductees do Iftari with their families,”.

Hashwani, however, did not disclose in his tweet indicated that he was abducted as he prayed for the abductees. But he did not disclose who abducted him, where and why.

From Imran Khan to Fawad Chaudhary and other PTI leaders and supporters, everyone expressed serious concerns over disappearance of Azhar Mashwani—the head of the PTI’s social media. The PTI leaders had asked the court to intervene and order the authorities for recovery of Azhar Mashwani.

On March 23, Imran Khan tweeted, “Enough is enough. Police in Punjab & Islamabad are breaking all laws with impunity as they target PTI. Today Azhar Mashwani was abducted in the afternoon from Lahore & his whereabouts are unknown. On 18 March Senator Shibli Faraz & Omar Sultan were badly beaten by ICT police,”.

On Thursday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan had announced to hold countrywide protest for recovery of Azhar Mashwani. He had directed the party leaders and supporters to reach outside every press club and stage protest in favour of Mashwani.

The party leaders were ready to hold protests after Friday prayers today for Mahwani.


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