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AVCC foils police’s ransom plan in Karachi

  • Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) recovers three persons from the rooftop of North Nazimabad police station, sacks SHO and others allegedly involved in kidnaping for ransom

Karachi: A mystery of a kidnapping for ransom reached its logical end after Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) launched an operation and recovered three persons allegedly abducted at the rooftop of a police station, the reports said on Saturday.

The AVCC foiled the ransom attempt of the police officials of North Nazimabad police station as they abducted the people and asked their families to pay ransom for their release.

The reports said that the police abducted them without charges and kept them on the rooftop of the police station.

“The men were asked to come to a hotel in North Nazimabad to finalize a deal regarding sale of a rare scorpion,” said the AVCC officials, explaining the details of the matter. 

However, they said, the men were kidnapped soon as they reached the hotel.

The police personnel, after abducting them, made ransom calls to the families concerned and initially demanded Rs5 million and then agreed to Rs500,000.

The victims, meanwhile, approached the AVCC and lodged the complaint against the abductors.  Responding timely to the victim’s call, the AVCC conducted raid at North Nazimabad police station and recovered three abductees from the rooftop of the police station.

The families had earlier paid Rs400,000 as ransom to get their loved ones freed from the abductors.

During the raid, the officials also recovered Rs400,000 from the possession of two policemen including Mehmood and Asif and sacked them from the office for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping case.

The AVCC took five people into custody. They also demoted the station house officer (SHO) of the police station and said that the officials involved in this matter would be booked.


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