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Asif lashes out at Imran Khan for ‘hiring another firm for lobbying in US’

  • The Defense Minister says Imran Khan’s narrative is fake.
  • The Minister says that Pakistan has been facing security challenges for quite some time.

Islamabad: Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said Imran Khan used to call the US as its enemy but now it was seeking help from it, terming his narrative fake and baseless.

“A year ago, you [Imran Khan] blamed the US for conspiracy against you but now you are hiring another firm for lobby for yourself,” said Khawaja Asif while addressing press conference along with Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Auranbzeb on Friday.

The Defense Minister said that they lobbied over there and now again has hired a firm for lobbying in the US.

Talking about elections date in Punjab, the Defense Minister said that there had been security threats in the country.

The defense minister said that the government would counter any sort of violence provoked by PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his followers.

Calling Imran Khan hypocrite, Khawaja Asif said that his political journey started with a cipher and made a false claim that the US conspired against his government.

He stated that Shireen Mazari wrote a letter to the US for Imran Khan earlier today, saying that he was seeking help from the country he had accused of conspiracy.

The Defense Minister stated that all the events took place since Imran Khan’s ouster from the power showed his journey.

Talking about the recent events of vandalism at Federal Judicial Complex where PTI Chief Imran Khan appeared last week, Khawaja Asif said that initially he refused to turn up before it and later he appeared and what happened there did not happen in any other part of the world.

“He is allowed to mark his attendance while sitting in the car,” said Khawaja Asif, adding that his supporters put huge pressure on the courts in the shape of mob.

Such events, he added, brought the them [courts] under pressure.

He went on to say that his party workers and supporters attacked the police and other law enforcers when they reached Zaman Park to implement a court orders. The PTI workers threw stones and used petrol bombs against the law enforcers.

“It never happened before,” said Khawaja Asif, adding that several opposition leaders were arrested and put into jails  during the Imran Khan’s regime.

When asked about the elections date in Punjab, Khawaja Asif said that he just came to know that the PTI was going to challenge the ECP verdict before the Supreme Court. He said that there had been security threats and the events during the past few weeks were evident of it.  The Defense Minister said that they would provide security as and when the elections are held.


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