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‘Another plan made to take my life today or tomorrow, ‘ alleges Imran Khan

  • The PTI Chairman says Islamabad and Punjab police and their handlers have chalked out another operation outside Zaman Park.

Lahore:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that another plan to take his life either today or tomorrow.

“ What is taking place is beyond my understanding,”  said Imran Khan in video address to the nation on Wednesday.

The PTI Chief while recalling Wazirabad attack said that he had already predicted it in his rallies, pointing out that the evidence was being removed in his assassination case.

He said that the record of the joint investigation team (JIT) was also being destroyed.

Imran Khan said, “Now another plan has been hatched. I am telling everyone, the judiciary, especially Punjab police,”.

He alleged that the police of Islamabad and Punjab and their handlers had chalked out another operation outside Zaman Park.  

The PTI chief said, “What is the plan? That there is another operation outside Zaman Park either today or tomorrow,  they have made two squads who will mix among our people, and then shoot and kill four to five police officials,”.

He also said that this would prompt an attack from the other side which would open fire, adding that the PTI workers would be killed in a Model Town-like situation before he would be killed in a manner similar to the assassination of Murtaza Bhutto.

Khan said that it was the plan that would take place either today or tomorrow and he would tell everyone, making it clear that they would kill five of their people just for an excuse to attack.

The PTI also asked his party workers not to take part in any violence, convincing them not to do anything. “Whatever they do, we will not do anything […] This time if they try to provoke you, you will not give any kind of reaction,”.

Imran added that he was ready to go to jail but did not want bloodshed, and therefore, he was telling the workers not to take part in any violence.

He stated that a “meeting” would be held today where “a minority will try to take the majority out of the race”, adding that meaning what they would try to do was that the PTI was somehow not allowed to contest polls or they were somehow taken out of the elections race.

The PTI Chief was of the view that the present government was well aware of the fact that their days in politics would end if they went ahead with polls.

He stated that he never saw such thing in the democratic setup, adding that the workers were being taken up into custody in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Faisalabad.

Khan said that it was as if PTI was such a big, scary party,  a party of criminals that PTI workers were being arrested and put in jails.

The former PM said that he was booked in 143 cases and the majority of the cases registered against him were on charges of terrorism.

“I don’t care about my cases but the way our people are being arrested on false cases, we are now writing to all international human rights organisations” in this regard, he said.

Imran said that he wanted the judiciary to protect the party’s fundamental rights. He said that on one hand elections had been announced, yet there was a crackdown was initiated against PTI workers. “We try to take out a rally [but] we are attacked and cases were also registered against us only.”


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