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Joyland Star Alina Khan ran from home at age of 11 to make her career

The actor who got fame through acting in Joyland reveals that she ran from her home at the age of 11 years to make her own life and identity.

Karachi: Actor Alina Khan, who ran away from her home at the age of 11 to fight against emotional and physical abuse she was facing while being a trans-child, revealed that film “Joyland” answered  many questions about the identity of trans peoples.

“Joyland has addressed many questions related to me and my identity. Had it been when I was growing I would have received answers of the lot questions,” said Alina Khan in a recent interview.

The actor said that shared the challenges she faced in her childhood and the questions posed by the people about her identity.

 “People used to ask me about my identity,” said Alina Khan, pointing out that she failed to find the way to express herself at that time.

 She went on to say that she had no words to express her identity or the feelings, and had no understanding of who she was and what identity she had.

Credit goes to Saim Sadiq who expressed faith in Alina Khan and selected her as an actor for his film Joyland which grabbed recognition at the international level.

“Joyland is an incredible film which has revealed many things,” said the actor.

Alina said that her acting might be more attractive for the other people but sufferings of the trans women were her more concerns.

“It is only me who can understand the difficulties and the hardships that I have  faced and ,” said the actor.  She also stated that her present status and what she achieved was quite important for her.

She believed that the film also changed the thinking of her family and regretted that her relatives could not watch Joyland in the local cinemas due to the ban.

“I wish they could have watched it in Pakistan,” said Alina, adding that she ran away from her home to may her own identity in life.

The actor said that Joyland was now the reason that she could make strong relations with her siblings and other family members.

Talking about her future, the actor was of the view that she had set a lot goals. She stated that she was making efforts to select a path for her career either as an actor or choreographer, pointing out that she wanted to buy her own house in Pakistan.

She regretted that there was not that much space for trans people in the local media.

When asked as how she made her way to Joyland, Alina said that she met Joyland Co-producer Sana Jafri at a wedding ceremony which eventally paved the way for her entry into acting.

“I’m proud of becoming a face that displayed true portrayal of the trans community,” she added.


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